Who are we?

Hi. I am Brian Robinson and I have an office at Manchester Business Park 3000 Aviator Way Wythenshawe, M22 5TG

I am now on the wrong side of 70 but the first Ford Popular I owned was purchased when I was 16. I was, of course, too young to get a driving licence so I drove it around a patch of wasteland which was owned by an uncle, completely oblivious to the bricks, bottles, potholes and general junk that I was driving over. It is an excellent testament to the quality of the tyres on the car that they were not completely shredded. My experience of driving this car was limited to just a few weeks however, since the engine finally seized up. I was not sure whether this was because I had never put oil into it, or because I was in the habit of pouring petrol into the carburettor in order to get it started, but actually running the vehicle on a mixture of petrol and paraffin. In fairness, as a schoolboy of 16 years of age my pocket money didn't really run to oil and petrol.

Happily my finances eventually improved until I reached the dizzy stage of been able to buy one on my 18th birthday. By today's standards it was completely clapped-out, with more than the odd rust hole, bald tyres and about a foot of play in the steering wheel but this didn't really matter since there was no MOT test in those days, and most cars on the road were little better anyway! Years passed and I owned several more, each one an improvement on the previous one. Sadly I sold my last one to a fellow enthusiast just before getting married and buying a brand-new Austin Allegro. This was a bad move – the car, not the marriage – because it gave me more trouble than the Pop, but that's another story.

If you want to get in touch please ; please do not send any spam or offers to give me first page listings on Google but I am more than happy to talk about cars, politics, food, holidays, or just about any other subject.

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