Our rules and Regulations

We are car enthusiasts, not lawyers. However we have to point out the terms and conditions under which you may access our website, which are listed below. Please remember that it is essential that you accept all these terms and conditions in their entirety in order to have permission to continue to browse our site, or to use it in any way.

This website is fordpop.com and it is owned and managed by Brian Robinson Associates of Manchester Business Park 3000 Aviator Way Wythenshawe, M22 5TG. Any mention of the words 'we' or 'our' refers to Brian Robinson Associates.

Purpose of this site

This site is primarily intended for entertainment only and it has been put together by enthusiasts of the Ford Popular car for this purpose. There may also be other pages on this website of a commercial nature.

Accuracy of information

We can make no warranty whatsoever that the information on this website is not inaccurate, out of date, or even the figment of someone's imagination. You must therefore look upon the contents of this site as being meant purely for your entertainment, and you should not rely on any of it to assist you in making any type of decision whatsoever. You accept that we are not liable in any way shape or form to either yourself or any other third party who suffers any mishap, inconvenience, financial loss, or any other form of adverse experience as a result of assuming that anything that has been read on this site is accurate information.


This website does not offer advice on any subject whatsoever and you must make your own decisions, with, if necessary, the benefit of advice from qualified experts, on any matters without reference to any material on our site.

Availability of fordpop.com

No website can be guaranteed to be available 100% of the time, and no site owner can guarantee that it will not be hacked by criminal or mischievous persons at some time. We can therefore make no warranty whatsoever that our site will remain online, or that it will not be attacked by hackers who may install computer viruses on it. You should ensure that your own computer system is adequately protected against viral infection and you must agree that we will accept no responsibility whatsoever if your computer system is infected as a result of your visiting our site.


This website does not use cookies. However it does contain hyperlinks to other websites, which will probably use cookies, over which we have no control. If you click on a hyperlink on our website you accept that you are going to a completely different site with it's own privacy policy. You should check this privacy policy and ensure that it is acceptable to you.

Our relationship

Since there is no charge for your using our website, there is no contract between us. You agree, therefore, that we will not accept any liability whatsoever for any adverse consequences which befall either yourself or any third party as a result of your visit to our website.

Copying our material

You have our permission to make a single copy of our website to store in either hard copy or digital form. You do not however have any permission to pass any copies of this site onto any other third party. Should you do so, you agreed to indemnify us against any claims that any other third party may make against us as a consequence of your breach of this condition.

Linking to our site

Whilst we are perfectly happy for you to create hyperlinks on your own, or other, websites pointing to pages on our site, provided that these are created for the sole purpose of introducing those pages to potentially interested persons, you may not hotlink to any of our images, or reproduce any part of our site within your own website by use of a frame.

You may not link to our website from any page which contains encouragement to violence, hatred of any kind, criminality, obscenity, or any form of discrimination.


Any disputes pertaining to this website fall under the authority of the United Kingdom courts.

Your acceptance of our terms and conditions

In order to have permission to continue browsing our website, you must agree to all the above terms and conditions. If you do not or cannot agree to any part of these, you must leave our website immediately and destroy any copies that you have of it.

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